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Founded in 1980, LITA of Contra Costa brings Music, Pets and social life to the elderly and disabled Our Mission is to improve quality of life for senior & disabled persons living in skilled nursing homes in Contra Costa County.

LITA involves community members of all ages, educating youth, families and aspiring artists, supporting them as Friendly Visitor Volunteers who fulfill this Mission in a variety of LITA programs: Pet Visits, LITA Music

Awakenings iPod/iPhone volunteers, December caroling Groups & more.

Public Charity Founded in 1980 LITA of CC 501 ©(3)Federal Non-Profit

Corporate Office:  135 Prospect Avenue, Port Costa, CA  94569-0121

Mailing Address:  PO Box 121, Port Costa, CA  94569-0121

Event 2019 Card  Making for Seniors in Nusaing Care

Thanksgiving Day, November 28 & Friday Nov 29

Make Holiday cards for Seniors in Nursing care

WHERE: Port Costa School  #1 Plaza Del Hambre       Port Costa, CA 94569  Enter right side, past roses

         School open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Coffee, coco, juice, water fruit, nuts, cookies & candy for volunteers.        Heater on and restrooms available 


Reserve your shift(s) CALL LITA of CC:  925 212 4573

Let us know which hours and day suits you best

IF this is your FIRST TIME: Write  with this info:


1.Name, cell phone and city are you coming from

2. How many in your party first names and ages

3.  Thursday or Friday: what hours between 10 & 4.

Last year‘s production resulted in well over 500 Beautiful, funny, touching cards delivered to each hospital resident in 10 Skilled Nursing Hospitals & Contra Costa Regional Medical Center by our  LITA of CC caroler groups December weekends 

     May 2019 LITA Volunteer and Appreciation Awards                Left to right: Anita May, received the Kathleen Berner award for Exceptional Individual volunteer.  Anita is becoming a valued and central contributor to LITA's Music Awakenings programs both as a singer and a visitor.

Michael Domagalski won the Patsy Berndt ward for his  support during Holidays and  Special Events, Michael also proofs and helps with mailing of LITA's Newsletter as well as  maIntaining data including LITA's mailing lists.

Bunny and Mike Daly win the Iris Suhl Founder's Award for Loyal and Generous Donors. MIke Bunny started with facility at Rosewood, then Bunny was our volunteer coordinator and these days she is  serving on LITA's board of directors.

Mona Silveira won the Mae Wygant AWard for Best Activity Director supporting  use of IPod and iPads at her Pittsburg Skilled Nursing for the residents  whom she obviously cares a great deal about and for whom she works very hard.   

 New Skilled Nursing and County Hospital embrace our Music Awakening  iPod &  iPad Compassion Project 

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