Summer 2019 


Our  2019 Summer News  celebrates  a collaboration with LITA Music volunteers and two  compassionate and creative doctos,

Emily Carter and Jennifer Tsang, who prctice at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.  They have launched a Music as Medicine Program with the enthusiastic support of LITA of Contra Costa.  


LITA served for free as local boots on the ground during  the 3 year CAHF Medicare funded study ( ended 2017) that again proved the powerful benefits for disabled seniors in care who get their personal favorite  music on iPod, and participate in “sing-alongs”.  LITA will continue to provide all this and more to staff  at CCRMC and half a dozen SNF, as we support facility bound residents by discovering and providing them personal music on iPod. We can use all donated iPhones & iPads. currently we are supporting

iPods and iPads for residents at Windsor Rosewood Manor care in Pleasant Hill, and Greenridge Senior Care in El Sobrante. We look forwrd to revitalizing our long standing iPod program at Legacy Nursing and Rehab in Martinez after a long period of  frequent Activity staff turnovers. Praying that 


Please bring your pets and volunteer. Nework with animal rescue and do all you can to send us Pet visitors. It is rare for LITA

to find lasting volunteers for this great service. Margaret Mc Guire who coordinated Pet visits at John Nuir Medical Center is discovered LITA and connected us with athena who administers pet visits through ARF. We look forward to sending our Pet visitor volunteers there for excellent training and orientation prior to thier arriving at the many SNF requesting Pet visits from LITA.


Your donations to LITA improve the quality of life for a growing number of increasingly isolated persons living in skilled nursing facilities. SNF budgets for stimulating activities are continuously cut.  That’s why delivery of LITA’s services are invaluable.


Our world seems so full of violence and heartlessness. But you can make a difference one soul at a time. Give generously

to help us show that Love really is the Answer.

With sincere gratitude,

Victoria Ryan


LITA of Contra Costa Dir


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Music as Medicine-

LITA is super excited to support a new program at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez.  Led by Dr. Emily Carter and Dr. Jenny Tsang,

the Music as Medicine project is bringing personal music and entertainment on LITA donated iPods and iPads to 30 or more long stay patients,

who for a variety of reasons are stranded, living at the hospital without even the minimal services provided in skilled nursing facilities. 

Residents in SNF have regular activity programs and at least semi-private rooms and a closet of their own.  CCRMC long stay patients only have

a rolling bed and a nightstand on wheels.  They may be shuttled here or there any time a more urgent medical case arrives.  This is extra

disorienting for these already isolated patients, many of whom suffer with varying degrees of dementia.  It is a delight working with Dr. Jenny

is pictured in the center  below with two of her long stay patients, who now at least enjoy a small private and personal media space at their only home, inside our busy county hospital.













        Kudos to Scarlett Whedbee & Maltipoo Shay ( above ) bi-monthly LITA PET VISITORS in Concord

      at Willowpass Health care.  The amazing Maggie Mcguire, of Crockett CA and her comrades at ARF

       and Pet Therapy organizations are determined  to help LITA to expand our number of Pet Visits.



                                           LITA CAROLING / CARD GIFTING,  

           PLEASE JOIN US WINTER 2019  for New  DATES and Locations

In December each year  LITA brings caroling books & a few strong lead singers. Come enjoy a beautiful way to spread Holiday Joy. 


One location is fine, but you MUST write or call LITA Director Victoria Ryan to reserve your date and time so LITA can inform hospital staff and

bring enough caroling book for all. If you are able to sing both am and pm, we go lunch together in between locations  (Thanks to a grant from

 "Share The Spirit"!) at a place convenient to both caroling locations.  

      Contact Victoria Ryan 925 212 4573      Email: 


LITA of Contra Costa has a Donate button at or

mail a contribution to:  LITA of CC, PO Box 121, Port Costa, CA 94569-0212




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